Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Remember me ?

Have any of you ever taken on a project that you think  "yehh I can do that NO PROBLEM"  and then you start the project and you just wanna give up 5% into the thing :D ????? ring any bells ??
Well I have two of those headaches that have been waiting for me a LONG time ... and when I say long I mean my boyfriend has threatened to throw out the "project" it´s been that long :)

But here is the before of the project 

Well it´s been a very long process and a very very frustrating - hair pulling one (belive me I could find a few more adjectives for this one ) ! I have a new found respect for re upholsterers, the whole sponge was crumbling so I had to strip the whole thing down to the frame. And considering I have never done anything like this before it was very challenging.
But the good news is that the chair (yes singular form) is almoooost ready only a couple of staples and some final touches and IT´S DONE !!

See you later

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Ruth said...

Glad you're back! I was wondering about you the other day. Can't wait to see the finished chair!