Sunday, April 3, 2011

After some frustrating home renovating you deserve an easy pear pie

I have been tearing my hair out over a couple of sofa chairs that I got last week - they are really cute and I even bought some fabric for them this weekend (with the push from my boyfriend and guidance and help from my sister), so in my opinion since buying the fabric is HUGE to me i´m pretty far along, or so I thought. It turns out that stripping the darn thing is impossible, yes I said it IMPOSSIBLE. I´ve been trying to strip the old fabric of in a way so it´ll remain whole, so I can trace the new fabric after the old one. I´m going to keep trying for a couple of days and after that i´m going to need professional help. I can´t wait to have them reupholstered!!
But after I gave up last night I was craving some reward, and I wanted something that would not require a lot of time in the kitchen so I thought of my apple "pie", I think it can almost be called a cobbler over a pie. It´s super easy and all you need is a oven dish or ramekins and a saucepan/pot.
Easy apple pie
You can find the whole recipe on my website, this recipe literally takes me about 5 min, it´s so easy.
You start out melting the butter in a saucepan over low heat (and turning on the oven) and when that is completely melted you add all the dry ingredients, it should look something like this.
butter + dry ingredients
Now you can take the saucepan of the heat and add in the eggs, remember to let them fall on the batter not the pan it self, and stir/whisk in one at a time.
Now all you need is a little milk
Sliced and diced ( I went with pear this time)
Cinnamon & Sugar to your taste
Pour the batter over the filling
Here your oven is hopefully warm, and you pop the dish in the oven for about 20 - 30 minutes, but of course this depends on the dish you choose - so it´s best to take a look after 15 minutes if it´s golden brown on top and your whole house smells divine your cake should be ready. It can be served right away with some whipped cream or ice cream, and it can also be made in advance (then I would opt for the dish not the ramekins) and re heated once your ready to eat it.
If you have some leftover batter you can refrigirate it and use it later - just pop it in a saucepan and whisk with a bit of milk until smooth again.

I´m off to stare at my veggies and herbs grow in the sun, and attempt to tare apart that chair.

A part of the "harvest" :)


Red leaved Basil

Bon appetit


Ruth said...

That recipe looks great! Good luck with the chair. Will we be able to see pictures of it when its done?

Inga´s Haven said...

Thanks Ruth - YES def when I get it done i´ll post some before and after :D

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

This looks warm and satisfying. Lovely recipe!

Betsy said...

Hi! We're starting an online seasonal potluck. The seasonal ingredient for the month of April is rhubarb! If you'd like to link your recipe, we'd love to have you! Check it out!

Lisa said...

I have to go eat something after looking at your cupcakes and cobblers! I totally sympathize with the upholstery thing...I ended up with a bunch of tattered pieces and my first attempt, they were all too small! I ended up tracing them on an old sheet first before cutting my fabric...and then your fingers...your poor fingers, it hurt to put them in the dishwater for three days! What about slipcovers? Miss Mustard Seed has a whole video tutorial! I am glad you stopped by The Dilletante Proprietor! It is so nice to meet you!

Inga´s Haven said...

haha... then i have reached my purpose with the photos ;D

I am loving that site you sent me and i am browsing through it :D thank you !!

i´m am getting so frustrated with the chair, it´s still sitting on my floor half-stripped :/

and thanks for the tip with the fingers - i´m gonna be very careful :D

Kelly said...

Mmmm this looks great, loving the recipe! Your blog is gorgeous! :)