Friday, March 11, 2011

Pizza per Cena

Pizza has always been one of my favorite favorite foods - it´s so simple but yet so good. When we moved to Italy 3 years ago I looked so forward to the part where I would eatizza almost every night ( a dream for my tummy - but maybe not so much my waist line ). What a disappointment I was in for, the pizzas (except for a few p places) are the worst there. So we had to improvise and make our pizzas at home for then on.
Tonight was pizza night at our house, and they turned out so yummi :D
I cheated and used a stored bought - rolled out dough.

and I cheated a little bit more and used store bought sauce - usually I make my own - lazy lazy.

yumm yumm a lot of toppings - this time my hubby got his way (more meat than veg )

To make it extra unhealthy, a carb BOMB :) we had fries with it naughty naughty

And voila
it was so good, the two of us almost finished the whole thing :)

Here is a very good pizza dough recipe for you if you don´t have it ready made, like me the cheater.

3 dl luke warm water 40°C(110°F)
1 tsp Salt
1 tbsp Oil
3 tsp dry yeast
250 gr flour
200 gr whole wheat flour
(or 100gr ww Flour and 100 gr spelt)

Mix water, salt, oil and dry yeast together in a bowl and let sit until frothy, approx 5 min.
Add all the flour and knead into a "crack less" dough. Allow the dough to rise for 30 -60 minutes in a warm place - or over night in a fridge.

Bon apetit and a good weekend to all of you :D

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Our Eyes Eat First said...

pizza is one of my faves as well : j thanks for sharing!