Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inga´s Haven

So after we moved back to Iceland I want to go ahead and try and stick to a new Blog, I´m going to keep a little journal of the things i´m doing, since I do love a little DIY, cooking, baking and i´ll probably throw a little of my photography in here as well :)

Like I said me and my boyfriend just moved back from France, so i´m in the middle of an endless task of unpacking boxes (even though we moved back in late October ehhemm:/ ), that we stored in our garage while we were away.
Of course we got rid of A lot of stuff before we moved so I´m now in the mids of looking for furniture to fill up our apartment :)
And i´ll share with you all of the things that i´ll get done, if it be baking - painting - sanding - cooking or whatever ....
thanks Inga

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