Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sushi ... just a little bit healthier

So I have been eating clean (ish) for a while now, with some occasional fast food & crap food slumps in between, but over all I´ve kinda good, and I have to say that it does some good stuff for you. My stomach problems have subsided severely and overall I feel a lot better I would say. Needless to say you do discover a few things -food vise- that you had not heard of/tried before and that is so great about this thing, you get to know new things in the kitchen.

I have tried this Quinoa Sushi three times now, one of which with my brother and sister in law, and I think they liked it equally as much as we did ... it´s super easy to make, I had never made sushi before and I even managed to make an ok roll :)
There are a few things that I have found to make the procedure a little bit easier, like draining the quinoa very well before putting it on the Nori and also allowing it to cool completely.

So I guess the procedure is quite straight forward and i´m not even going to try to sound "sushi pro" since i´m soooo far away from being one. but in stead i´ll just list the things I use to make my rolls.

Nori paper - approx 4 is enough for 2 ppl
Quinoa - I didn´t mesure exactly how much I used but usually I start out with something around a cup and just boil more if needed.
Soy sauce, ginger & Wasabi  if prefered
Rice seasoned vinegar (thats what I think it´s called)
Fish -  I used salmon and surimi this time
spring onion
sweet pepper
and all the vegetables you like :)

All I do is boil the quinoa as instructed - drain for a while after boiling and stir in maldon salt and rice vinegar to taste.
Take out the Nori, I use a bamboo mat to roll the sushi, makes it quite easy, evenly spread the quinoa over the nori. What I have found is the thinner you can spread the Quinoa the better, other wise you are basically just eating Quinoa and nori :/ and leave a 2cm "gap" of clean nori on the end furthest from you. Put in as much vegetables and fish as you want - wrap the nori over the fish/veg and pull a little bit to tighten up the roll and then just keep rolling until you reach the end then dab the clean nori with water and keep rolling and your done !!  easy peasy, go eat :D

Have a nice weekend

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