Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter is over and so is my break !!

How come it´s so hard to get back to blogging when you haven´t blogged for a while - this blog has been hanging over my head for some reason for a while now ...
But it´s a very happy blog since I got my first AWARD :D yibbbyyyy 

It´s called the Liebster blog award and the very sweet and lovely Ruth over at Cherry Coloured Twist "awarded" me :) You need to check out her blogs, she also has the very delicious  Bread and Milk and Blackberries with tons of yummy looking things. I am very honored that she thought of me for this award ... but on to the fun stuff.. the rules!! :D haha
(I stole this off of Ruth´s blog)
The rules (apparently) are as follows: -
1. Display the award on a post and link back to the giver of the award. (DONE)
2. Choose my own blogs (at least three) to give the award to and let them know they have been chosen. (who all have to have followers under 300 according to Ruth) (done - see below - their not done in any order just completely random)
3. Hope everyone discovers some new favourite blogs.

Ok and then on to what I think is the hardest part !!!  (i´m a libra so I can´t make any decisions easily)

Number one: I´ll choose Erika at 2 by design - She´s a writer (profession) and an interior designer (passion) and I simply love the inspiration she has on her site - you should check it out if you looking for some great ideas for your home - and also I think she has a thing for white since she has a "white out" every week :) who doesn´t love that !!

Number two: Is a well deserved one - Lisa at the dilletante proprietor now if you don´t think this is AMAZING you need to check again !! What she did is buy a house and land for 600 dollars, the house was meant to be demolished but was in a solid state so she spruced it up, and listen to this - she does it for close to zero bucks .. so if you want ideas that are going to cost you close to nothing listen to Lisa :) you can check out some before and after here  as well.

Number three: Michael Lewicki at verses from my kitchen his food is yumm yumm and a little bit more of yumm :) i´ve only tried one of his recipes and it was really nice.. so I recommend checking this guy out, and it doesn´t hurt that his writing skills are really good.

I´m gonna call it quit at three :D 
i´ll have to put up all the photos I have "stacked" up on my memory card in the next few days - I hope everyone had a good monday and Easter :)


Ruth said...

Great work, Inga! Thanks for pointing me to some great blogs!

2 by Design said...

Congrats, Inga!! And thank you soooo much for the award!! I feel very special on this Tuesday :) Woot!

Lisa said...

Inga! Thank you so much! You are such a doll!

Lisa said...

Inga! Thank you so much! You are such a doll!